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The Highland Tank Setup

 Highland Tank Setup After months of planning, the highland tank is officially setup and running. There were definitely a few set-backs, but everything has settled in nicely and seems to be enjoying the tank. The highland setup shell is a 4 ft. x 2 ft. reptile tank. A few modifications were made to convert it into a suitable highland environment. The bottom of the tank is lined with LECA to help increase humidity and provide space for water to pool without flooding the plants. Above the LECA is a layer of plastic egg crate, which is then covered by a layer of grow mesh that is fantastic at retaining a small amount of water (perfect for the live sphagnum sitting on top of it). If you have never used plastic egg crate, I highly recommend giving it a try. It is extremely easy to work with, although tedious, you can achieve molding your environment to your liking.  Above the tank, two panels of thin plexiglass were cut to replace the mesh panels to help regulate the temperature and increas

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